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Welcome to the Official Knoxville TEA Party Website!

Mission Statement:

To seek a smaller government, that lives within its means, and governs within the bounds of the
United States Constitution.

The Knoxville Tea Party is a grass-roots, non-partisan group of activist-educators, concerned about the Federal Government's:

a) Massive Growth
b) Ruinous, Irresponsible Spending
c) Taking of Liberty in the Process

We have come together to fight back against the overreach of the federal government and to curtail the reckless and irresponsible spending of said government by returning the power back to the people this federation was created to protect.

To Contact the Knoxville Tea Party

Email – chairknoxtea@yahoo.com
Phone – 865-357-3TEA

You can also find us on Facebook for up to date information.

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